Calvin Klein Fetes John Pawson’s New Tome

The brand’s creative directors, Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli, were among the guests to turn out for the celebration of the architect's latest book.

PURIST DELIGHT: John Pawson, the architect behind the Calvin Klein Collection Madison Avenue flagship, returned to one of his most famous fashion spaces on Wednesday when the brand’s creative directors, Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli, celebrated his new tome, “A Visual Inventory,” there. “Amazing,” Costa said of the book. “In a way, it’s very John: very pure, but also very romantic.”

Zucchelli was equally full of praise for Pawson’s collection of snapshots. “They are very evocative and very beautiful,” he said.

Nora Zehetner, Amanda Brooks, Harold Koda and Ian Schrager, as well as Calvin Klein Inc.’s Tom Murry and Kevin Carrigan, came to tip their hat to the Brit, who was in his element in a gray Calvin Klein Collection suit and matching tie. “When my son got married, and he’s 26, the only people not wearing ties were the old guys,” Pawson recalled. “Now wearing a tie and a suit, I feel young and it’s rather nice.”

Asked if there is room to update the 17-year-old flagship, Pawson didn’t hesitate. “I don’t want to sound too confident,” he said with a smile, “but what’s really reassuring is that I wouldn’t.”