SAFE AT HOME: PVH Corp. had planned to hold its Analyst Day in Dusseldorf, Germany, and focus on plans for Tommy Hilfiger. It changed the venue — although not the theme or the Oct. 2 date — to its home town of New York just five days in advance when, according to Emanuel Chirico, PVH’s chairman and chief executive officer, the number of committed attendees dropped from 35 down to about 19. “Sometimes the truth is not as sexy as some of those theories,” Chirico said as the four-hour session began Tuesday. Remarks and PowerPoints proceeded in an orderly fashion, although Calvin Klein ceo Tom Murry acknowledged a bit of discomfort. “If I seem a little distracted during my presentation this morning, it’s because I’m not used to sharing the stage with the Tommy Hilfiger product presentation, not to mention the green horse over there,” he said. “Usually, we have a very Calvinesque environment for my presentation, but I’ll do my best.”

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