REMEMBERING BRADBURY: Science fiction author Ray Bradbury died Tuesday at age 91. WWD caught up with him in July 2010, monitoring a Skype interview he gave at the time. Here, a few excerpts:

• On education, since Bradbury never went to college: “All our students shouldn’t do what their teachers tell them to do or to be. They should go to the library and teach themselves. Libraries should be the center of our life. There you can get a free education and become yourself. You don’t need a teacher. You can teach yourself. Don’t think — do.”

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• On New York: “I made a lot of friends in New York. They were all very sick and very strange. I learned from them the scent of death. I knew I didn’t want to die, be sick or be noncreative, so I went home and said, ‘To hell with those people.’ I just learned to be me.”

• On the future: “Big government is too big,” he said. “We’ve got to give government back to the people. Remember the United States is governed by the people for the people. We the people need to speak now and demand that government get out of the way.”

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