NEW APP: Splurge is putting items on sale at hundreds of stores in a single place. Users of the new app are able to scroll one by one through the sale items, which are presented in an Instagram-style photo feed for a limited time. “Basically, you are window shopping everything on sale,” explained Splurge co-founder Albert Dahan, who also heads Joe’s Jeans kids. “We are merchandising the goods that are out there, and we are curating the sales. We are giving you the things you might not know you wanted, and we are giving access to small designers.” Splurge uploads at least five items each hour. Items fall into the categories men’s, women’s, kids, pets and gadgets, and most clothing is less than $600. Dahan predicted that Splurge would have 2 million users by June of next year. “We are taking the inventory that is out there and giving it eyeballs,” he asserted.

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