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RAGING BULLS: The models at the Givenchy men’s show in Paris on Friday may have worn rings through their noses, but front-row guest José María Manzanares is preparing to face some real bulls in the ring. The Spanish torero will kick off his 2012 season in Medellín, Colombia, on Feb. 11, and is training five hours a day. “You have to be strong both physically and mentally in order to make it through,” he explained.

French actor Salim Kechiouche has also been hitting the gym in preparation for his role as Spartan warrior Orion in “Odysseus,” an adaptation of Homer’s “Odyssey” produced by Franco-German television channel Arte. “At the time, participants in the Greek Games would go naked,” he said. “We won’t be naked in the series, but almost. We have to look pretty good, because series like ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Rome’ have raised the bar.”

Artist and director Isaac Julien was in town to present a weekend of screenings of his films at the Forum des Images. “There’s something quite rich about that encounter,” he said of meeting his movie audiences. Julien has been researching a project tentatively titled “Capital,” which has so far taken him to Singapore, Mexico City and New Delhi.

Fellow British artist Idris Khan was preparing to unveil a sculpture and wall drawing at the British Museum in London for the exhibition “Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam,” opening Jan. 26. The nebulalike drawing consists of 50,000 stamps of a dozen sentences. For an upcoming London-themed issue of the New York Times Magazine, he created five images by superimposing hundreds of photographs of landmarks like Big Ben. “I was always kind of obsessed with how many times those things have been photographed,” Khan explained.

<p>José María Manzanares</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Idris Khan and Isaac Julien</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Kanye West</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Salim Kechiouche</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

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