The Hilton sisters set the photographers into overdrive Tuesday at Pamella Roland. But the lensmen weren’t the only ones seeing dollar signs or handouts, as the case may be. After dutifully posing in her front-row perch, Paris Hilton wolfed down a tuna wrap shielded by the Sopranoesque security team. “I’m embarrassed to eat because they’re going to take my picture,” she said before selecting what essentially looked like a showroom sandwich worthy of out-of-town buyers.

While cameras were kept at bay, Nicky Hilton said she isn’t shopping willy-nilly anymore. “I’m being smarter about my spending. I’m not going into stores and buying anything. I am buying more pieces instead of just a bunch of clothes,” she said. The raven-haired half said she will soon unveil a fashion-related deal in Japan.

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