MUSIC TO THEIR EARS: Topshop’s online customers will soon be able to shop to mood music on the Website, thanks to a deal between the British retailer and iTunes. Over the next couple of weeks, Topshop will begin embedding music tracks intune with the latest clothing drops on the site — or ones that reflect the local weather in a given market. Visitors will be able to sample the music as they shop, and download their favorite tracks and playlists.


For those itching to download new content now, Topshop is also offering its online customers access to the printed word. Topshop’s more bookish customers can go online now, and download four free chapters of London journalist Hadley Freeman’s new book, “Be Awesome: Modern Life for Modern Ladies.”

“It’s all about bringing new content into our customers’ environment, and programming the Topshop brand around it,” said Justin Cooke, the company’s chief marketing officer, on the sidelines of the first WWD’s first Digital Forum in London on Thursday. “We want to surprise and delight our customers — and it’s also a way for us to understand their behavior,” Cooke said, adding that content offered on the site would be both free and paid-for.

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    […] Schon innerhalb der kommenden zwei Wochen will Topshop damit beginnen, Musik auf seine Shopping-Seite einzubetten. Die Songs sollen die angebotene Mode reflektieren oder an das lokale Wetter der individuellen Kunden angepasst werden. Kunden können die Tracks anspielen und bei Gefallen ihre Lieblingssongs und -Playlists herunterladen, so Women’s Wear Daily. […]

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