VALENTINE’S DINNER WITH ASHLEY DUPRE: Being fired by Yigal Azrouël for allowing America’s most notorious ex-call girl to sit front row at his show didn’t deter pr Kelly Cutrone from continuing her Svengali-like relationship with Ashley Dupre. The former Emperor’s Club VIP escort hit the Davidelfin show after the Azrouël brouhaha on Friday, and then the Buckler men’s wear presentation on Saturday—after which Cutrone spontaneously invited WWD to a Valentine’s Day dinner with Dupre. Over pasta and salmon at L’Ulivo in the West Village, Dupre opened up about her hoped-for music career, her love of fashion and how she’s dealt with moving on from the Eliot Spitzer scandal. “It’s pop-rock, it’s going to be deep, not bubblegum. It’s definitely a personal record,” said Dupre, 23, of the album she is currently recording. She’s managed to land some serious producers in Peter Zizzo (who has worked with Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion) and Rob Fusari (who has worked with Jessica Simpson and Lady Gaga). But don’t expect any Spitzer-related songs. “I think I’ll stay away from that, it would be pretty tacky,” said Dupre, who is petite, gregarious and blessed with a flawless complexion. “I don’t want to sing about it and I don’t think anyone wants to listen to it.”

Dupre, who was pursuing a music career prior to her escort days, released several songs online in the aftermath of the Spitzer affair, but this first full album should drop in January 2010. Apart from Cutrone in her advisory role, overseeing Dupre’s career is David Kokakis, an attorney at The Foundry Media Group.

Dupre is also working on an autobiographical book and she is in negotiations now with several publishers. She passed on penning a lucrative tell-all immediately following the Spitzer scandal, but would now like to write a cautionary tale for young women who are facing life challenges. “I’ll discuss a few things about the escort business, but I’m not going to use any names or include any graphic details. That’s not the kind of person I am. And I don’t want to jeopardize people giving my music a chance.”

Following dinner, Cutrone took Dupre to see a top editor at an avant-garde fashion magazine, who immediately expressed an interest in shooting her this week for an upcoming issue. The editor produced a digital camera and snapped a series of test shots on the spot, with Dupre vamping like a pro in her trim black blazer, black jodhpurs and stiletto boots. “I’ve always had a deep interest in fashion,” she noted. “I used to be a big Yigal Azrouël fan, but not any more.” On that contentious matter, Cutrone said she had not invited Dupre to the Azrouël show, but did not want to make her leave when she showed up. “We’re all hookers in one way or another,” she said defensively of Dupre’s past. “It’s all a matter of perception. Yigal is terminating us, and that’s fair. I wish him every success.”

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