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WET HAIR: Hippies and straights of all ages and coifs congregated at the Delacorte Theater Thursday night for the opening of “Hair.” Although a good portion of the crowd was too young to remember the Summer of Love, a few guests of a certain age waxed nostalgic.

“Oh yeah, I was a hippie, on the Lower East Side,” said Geraldo Rivera, in jeans and a tucked in white dress shirt.

“He would even walk around barefoot,” added his wife Erica Levy, who was born in the Seventies — after the TV host’s walk on the wild side.

Phylicia Rashad, however, couldn’t relate. “I was never into free love,” said the actress. “I couldn’t understand it.”

Undoubtedly, Rashad got a better grip on the counterculture during the outdoor performance, which was punctuated by an as-if-on-cue rainstorm during the finale of “Let the Sunshine In” when the cast and audience alike danced around, soaked but blissful, onstage.

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