A view of Etam Lingerie's new flagship.
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Special Issue
WWD Intimates issue 07/24/2008

Thinking big, in May, Etam Lingerie, France’s leading intimates chain with more than 300 doors, opened its 9,700-square-foot Parisian flagship, situated on Rue de Rennes. Officially known as Etam: Vos Jours, Vos Nuits (“Your Days, Your Nights”), the store spreads over a ground floor and basement and is being billed as Europe’s largest lingerie space.

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“The idea was to convey different moments of the day,” says Nathalie Bu Luart, co-founder of Tracé Simple, the Parisian design firm that conceived the space, referring to the store’s eclectic merchandising landscape, which melds Baroque home objects and classic French moldings. Witty wall graphics also abound, such as one pink illustration of a clothesline pegged with lingerie. Nooks dotted around the store stock the likes of girly books and boudoir and travel accessories, as well as perfume sticks by the brand Crazylibellule.