U.K. stocking and lingerie retailer What Katie Did's "How to put on an Underbust Corset."
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WWD Intimates issue 07/24/2008

Fashion and youtube.com aren’t exactly virgin bedfellows.

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You can already find videos on everything from shows, whether Fendi’s Great Wall extravaganza last October to a 1962 Yves Saint Laurent outing, to the award-winning Johan Renck-directed “Karl Lagerfeld for H&M” commercial from 2005. Lately, there’s been a new lingerie trend picking up steam, and we’re not talking Victoria’s Secret shows or Playtex’s “Girl Talk” online campaign.


Believe it or not, people can also look to youtube for innerwear instruction. Its “Expert Village” channel, for instance, offers dozens of how-to videos ranging from basic bra maintenance to bra terminology to sports bra tips. Though most of these hardly target the Mensa set — if your bra stretches, hook it on the next closure — digging around at least turns up a novel notion or two, from lessons on how to put on an underbust corset (in three easy steps!) to how to make a girdle from old lingerie.


“This is the new future of fashion,” says Veronica Castro, owner of Entiise Lingerie in Millburn, N.H., who launched her own youtube channel this year. In it, she tells what undies to wear with this or that — she specializes in bridal — and offers “Shoutcasts” in which a model jumps and dances in her skivvies. The point: To demonstrate that certain strapless items can withstand a night on the town. “Having a [still] image of an undergarment is great,” Castro explains, “but a moving image on a flesh-and-blood woman, well, that’s just better. It steps it up a notch for our customers.”