The Little Bra Company's Luca bra.
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Special Issue
WWD Intimates issue 07/24/2008

It’s a small-busted world for many women. And, thanks to several of their similarly delicately endowed sisters, the A- and AA-cup contingent has been getting more love from the lingerie world lately. In the last few years, several ladies fed up with choosing between training or too-big sizes have launched lines dedicated to the niche market. Itty Bitty Bras’ Jane Alden Hodgdon takes the basic T-shirt bra down a notch for AA gals. Emily Lau of the Little Bra Company amps things up with her bestselling Luca bra, a lacy, padded push-up style now available in size 28. Meanwhile,
Ellen Shing, owner of Los Angeles shop and e-commerce site Lula Lu, recently introduced Lula Lu’s first AA corset with
the firm belief that small is sexy.

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