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The Las Vegas men’s shows — Project, MAGIC Men’s, Pool, Liberty, Agenda, Capsule and MRket — were full of saleable options for retailers for fall. Here, a look at some of the standouts.

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Brand: Vans

Key styles: VF Corp.-owned Vans spotlighted capsule collections with “Star Wars” imagery, a collaboration with surfboard fin brand Captain Fin Co. and an elevated California range.

Design inspiration/aesthetic: Vans believes “Star Wars’” characters like Yoda and Darth Vader resonate with its target male customers ages 16 to 24. The Captain Fin Co. pieces incorporate its anchor logo and color palette of gold, burgundy and black. The more sophisticated California collection is aimed at the older end of its target consumers.

Prices: From $22 to $100, with the California collection more expensive than the others


Brand: VDE, which stands for Vanteria di Eleganza, or “bragging of elegance” in Italian

Designer: Reggie Aguiluz

Key styles: Zippered, hooded jackets with nylon, cotton, spandex and polyester, athletic samurai pants in imported Japanese-milled oil-treated nylon and cotton, or nylon and cotton with bias paneling.

Design inspiration/aesthetic: Aguiluz is enthusiastic about adding high-fashion touches to sporty styles. He envisions the VDE customer as “someone who’s an athlete who likes to look good, but is a sports fanatic.”

Prices: $32 to $295


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