Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon are no strangers to theladified look. But this go-around, the designers took aim at a moreDecember, less May sort of dame: a Connecticut grandmother and hercloset. The translation? Models sporting old-biddy buns, the occasionalquaint vintage hat and clothes that evoked a bygone magpie feel. Plaidsand haberdashery tweeds were everywhere — “We wanted fabrics that lookedold,” said Yoon, preshow — on nipped-waist jackets, robe-like coats,shorts and ruffled pencil skirts. Ruffles, in fact, played a major rolein the dressier cocktail portion, perhaps too repetitively, as did“mumsy” florals. And while the end result was plenty uptown posh, itleft one yearning for a counterpoint of Bensoni spunk.

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