Futurism is in the air this season and in the collection he showed on Wednesday, Karl Lagerfeld boarded the ship. Starting with the geometric-with-a-flourish tailoring he loves, he turned his models into a brigade of glam galactic crusaders. Key to the look, a few mega accessories: gigantic corset belts, shoes with ankle cuffs, metal “tattoos” of a winged-and-filigreed creature who had his way with the girls’ arms, throats and necks.
Beneath such aggressive accoutrement, Lagerfeld showed some workable suits and a wacky pair of pants with a half-skirt appendage.  But mostly, his space warriors wore lean mean dresses with plenty of hip action, in draping or tiered peplums when he took a break from the corsetry. Beneath the extras, many of these dresses were strong. Some, a lovely floral halter comes to mind, even had a soft side. And because this was Karl Lagerfeld, there were crisp white shirts, worn loose over a skirt or pants. Of course, Lagerfeld knows a thing or two about flexing and spoofing icon status, his own included. Thus, as one girl approached camera range, she lifted her handbag to cover her face, and voila! Karl himself was on the runway, and not just in spirit.

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