California kids Carol Lim and Humberto Leon drew inspiration fromParisfor their spring men’s collection — a gaudy celebration of thecity’sstoried monuments, and even its tourist traps. The invitation — ametalloop jangling with mini Eiffel towers, like the ones hawked intheTuilieries — said it all, as did a soggy, open-air set on the banksofthe Seine that had Joe Jonas and Jesse Metcalfe huddling underumbrellas.

The city’s most iconic emblem found its way ontooversized polka-dot parkas as well as more sober, biker-inspired jacketsvia holographic badges that were either stitched or printed onto thefabrics. Elsewhere, the simpering face of Cosette — the famous characterfrom “Les Miserables” — stared out from a knitted sweater or tank top.

TheLadurée macaroon color palette — pastel pink, mint, sky blue and peach—was perhaps too sweet, and a bit cliché. Underneath the sugarcoating,however, was a street-smart and appealing mix of biker pantswithzipper details running down the calves, rubber-bonded sweaters aswellas well as crossover biker/jeans jacket in heavy cotton twill.

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