From the first exit — a bomber jacket teamed with bright patchwork print leggings — it was clear that Nicole Miller was revisiting the Eighties. The racing-themed show got off to a strong start, with Op art patchwork jumpsuits, checkerboard tank tops and colorful outerwear, including a trenchcoat with magenta piping, making for a vibrant trip to an era Miller knows all too well. She started her business in the early Eighties, and in her show notes the designer added actual time references to some of the looks inspired by her own archival pieces, like a patchwork print blouse from 1980 and a zipper jumpsuit, circa 1985. If the ode to those years seemed a little repetitive at times, the explosion of color made for a fun viewing, and now that Blondie is back with a new album, Debbie Harry might just want to give Miller a ring.

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