Meticulous planners, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez know how toedit their lineup into a narrative that unfolds over the course of ashow. It takes a few exits before you know what you’re looking at, butafter that it all makes sense. There was not a look out of place intheir fall collection. It seemed to be a crisper, dressier distillationof what they presented in pre-fall, inspiration for which was sourcedfrom a trip out West. Earthy desert colors, like orange, golden yellowand brown, dominated, and were worked into a recurring graphic patternthat brought to mind the now prehistoric computer graphics of theEighties crossed with a tribal motif. Think Atari meets Navajo. Neitheridea is intrinsically modern or refined yet McCollough and Hernandezmanipulated them into a strong urban-chic look.


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