“Elegant Sportif,” said Tory Burch of spring’s tagline. “It’s aboutmaking a woman feel and look beautiful.” As seen elsewhere, Burch castthat concept into a Seventies light — filtered through easy, sportswearand a Slim Aarons-like lens. For every jet-set babe, à la MarisaBerenson (peasant blouses, sensual silk dresses), there was a loucheLauren Hutton (slim, tailored suiting) or bohemian Ali MacGraw (crochetpolos, Baja sweaters). Silhouettes came elongated and lean, andhemlinesmostly midi-style, hitting politely at the calf. Sportierofferings,like the two-tone parka trimmed in leather, and moreladified looksrounded out the collection, which wisely stuck to aclean, leisurelytake on the glam decade. As for the sharp red-and-navystripedblazer-trouser combo, worn with a draped lamé top, that’s anode toBurch’s father. “I took a pair of his pants and turned it into asuit,”she said. “I adored the way he dressed.”

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