By  on June 4, 2008


That's not Stella McCartney's way. She'd rather throw a delightfully breezy garden party for resort — make that spring, which is what she called the current season. Of course, she chose to hightail it here from her family's celebratory doings in Liverpool to spend the afternoon in the contained little jewel of greenery on Greenwich Avenue called Jefferson Market Garden. "I'm half New Yorker and I'm celebrating that side," she said.

As her American cousins, and friends Kate Hudson, Ed Ruscha and Jeff Koons dropped by, McCartney's models milled about and lounged. "This is how I want my models to be," she said. "Smiling, laughing and having fun. They do it backstage at the shows, but they hit the runway and it's Model! Fashion Show!" she said, assuming a grim expression. It would have been hard to frown here, given the urban greenery and McCartney's fabulous clothes — "bad-tailoring, nicely done," she said, featuring a nautical motif in snappy boat prints and an anchor intarsia sweater. For cocktail, there were little sequin dresses in silver, but the majority of looks focused on day, like slouchy trousers paired with a delicate bow blouse, Eighties-style blazers and a sweet scalloped dress. The accessories charmed: pompom handbags, raffia shoes done up with cherries and a flashy Lucite pin that celebrated "mother." The point was to show everything with a dressed-down attitude. "This is how I want my girls to look," McCartney said, motioning to a gaggle of adorably turned-out girls plopped down on the grass. "This is how I see people wearing the clothes." Then, catching a glimpse of a girl in a persimmon shirt over ultraskimpy briefs, she said: "Maybe with a pair of pants."

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