Dior Cruise 2019

clock May 25, 2018Joelle Diderich


Recho Omondi Introduces The Cutting Room Floor Podcast

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Influence Peddler: Ashley Tisdale on First Acquisition, Cruelty-Free Makeup

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Edward Crutchley

Edward Crutchley Men's Fall 2018

Fashion Show Reviews

Edward Crutchley Fall 2018

Crutchley took a cultural expedition and referenced “Journey to the West,” a classic Chinese novel for fall.

clock January 6, 2018Lorelei Marfil

Edward Crutchley Men's Spring 2018

Fashion Show Reviews

Edward Crutchley Men’s Spring 2018

Edward Crutchley summoned a regal mood for spring.

clock June 9, 2017Paulina Szmydke-Cacciapalle

Edward Crutchley Men's Fall 2017

Fashion Show Reviews

Edward Crutchley Men’s RTW Fall 2017

An advertisement from the Seventies showing a man in a leotard was the starting point for Crutchley, who loves a bad taste reference.

clock January 8, 2017Julia Neel

Edward Crutchley Men's Spring 2017

Fashion Show Reviews

Edward Crutchley Men’s Spring 2017

Crutchley looked to the folklore surrounding the hills and caves near his childhood home.

clock June 12, 2016Julia Neel

Edward Crutchley Men's Fall 2016

Fashion Show Reviews

Edward Crutchley RTW Men’s Fall 2016

For Edward Crutchley’s first stand-alone presentation hosted by Louis Vuitton creative director Kim Jones, the designer paid homage to his native Yorkshire roots.

clock January 10, 2016Lorelei Marfil



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