Backstage at Prada Fall 2016

Backstage at Prada RTW Fall 2016

Red lips and curly hair were elements of the look

Front Row at Prada Fall 2016

Instagram’s Kevin Systrom took in the show as part of a swing through Milan Fashion Week.

prada rtw fall 2016

Prada RTW Fall 2016

For fall 2016, Miuccia Prada examined “pieces” of the real woman, she said, “difficulties, love, no love, pain, happiness.” The results were rich and multitextured.

Prada Men's Fall 2016

Prada Pre-Fall 2016

Miuccia Prada collaborated on prints with Christophe Chemin, a little-known French artist whose allegorical drawings splashed on romantic, oversized white shirt dresses with undulating hems.

Prada Men's Fall 2016

Prada Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Miuccia Prada captivated with an exceptional coed show, and a diverse, sailor-tinged collection with a strong emotional tug.


Prada: The Most Memorable Show Sets

A look back at the designer's most memorable runway sets in Milan, ahead of today's show.

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An innovator at heart, Miuccia Prada constantly delivers evocative show sets when presenting her collections.

For her men’s fall 2015 show, models filed briskly through a series of rooms wallpapered with vein-y marble, with the low ceilings, floors and corridors clad in aluminum plates.

For the spring 2015 women’s show, the Milanese designer created a mix of bleak desert and outer-space chic, featuring huge purple sand dunes fading into a brownish carpet.

Always combining fashion and art, for the men’s fall 2014 show Prada constructed a multitiered platform of steel and dark felt, ringed by metal scaffolding — the idea being to evoke a theater setting — underscored by musical excerpts from Pina Bausch dance performances. The soundtrack lurched between Nina Hagen, German music from the Thirties and live jazz.

For her spring 2014 women’s outing, Prada put together a majestic show inspired by German avant-garde culture: musicians played live excerpts from Kurt Weill and while Barbara Sukowa, who starred as the chanteuse-prostitute in Rainer-Werner Fassbinder’s “Lola,” crooned on the soundtrack. The set was an austere gray industrial stage surrounded by metal scaffolding.

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Fondazione Prada Screens Iñarritu’s Film Selection

The Oscar nominated director chose 15 films for “Flesh, Mind and Spirit.”

MILAN — Fondazione Prada in Milan is holding a film festival called “Flesh, Mind and Spirit,” a selection of 15 movies chosen by director Alejandro González Iñárritu and film critic Elvis Mitchell, running through Feb.1. Each film is assigned to a category distinguished by a keyword. Flesh features in “Fists in the Pocket, and “Aguirre, the Wrath of God,” while mind is seen in “I am Cuba,” “Last Year at Marienbad” and “You, the Living.” Spirit movies include “Mother and Son” and “Silent Night.”

“Despite this extremely eclectic selection, there is a common factor: these films are all experiences full of emotion,” said Iñárritu, who was just nominated for an Academy Award as best director for “The Revenant.” “All of them provoked in me appetites that I never knew I had.”

The selection will be screened free of charge at Fondazione Prada’s Cinema every day, expect Tuesdays. Advance booking is required.

Prada accessory of the day

Backstage at Prada Spring 2016

For spring, tough and eccentric beauty ruled Prada’s runway.

Bob Sauerberg

Condé Nast’s Bob Sauerberg Makes the Milan Rounds

He will take over as the publishing firm’s chief executive in January.

Prada RTW Spring 2016

Prada RTW Spring 2016

Dispensing with Sixties bows and gems, Miuccia Prada showed a sleeker, racier take on polish — with that essential soupcon of eccentricity.