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Andrew Olah

Kingpins Shifts New York Timing, Location

Will hold New York markets in November and May and move to Pier 36 — Basketball City.

Seven for all Mankind's "Tailoress" jeans

Seven For All Mankind to Introduce Tailorless Flared Jeans

Brand to introduce Tailorless program for fall to better accommodate average-size women.

Mexican Denim Exports Seen Growing

Mexico remains the U.S.’ top supplier of men’s and children’s jeanswear but has fallen behind in the women’s category, where it now ranks fifth in the world.

Blueprint Denim Washhouse to Launch Trade Show

The Jersey City-based washhouse is hosting Blueprint, a new denim trade show in the Meatpacking District this month. It will feature mills and manufacturers, emerging denim brands and interactive installations that showcase finishing techniques.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s Dresses Up Denim for Resort

For resort, the designer worked one of his favorite fabrics to chic, sleek effect.

Blue Farm Outerwear

Fabric and Technical Innovation Proliferates at Denim Première Vision

The Barcelona show introduced sustainable novelties, such as new takes on knit denim and super-stretch fabrics.

U.S. Denim Brands Eyeing Chinese Consumers

U.S. Denim Brands Eyeing Chinese Consumers

The burgeoning middle class China represents millions of potential new customers for makers of pricy jeans.

There are encouraging signs for jeanswear, as many believe the worst of the slump is over.

Could Women’s Jeans Be Making a Comeback?

Women’s jeans just might be on the cusp of a comeback in the second half of 2015 after years of decline, but for now, the sales figures have continued their downward trajectory.

Faustine Steinmetz’s cotton jacket, available at

Customized, Artisanal Denim On the Rise

Denim’s reputation as the most enduring fabric is about to be put to a tough test: Distressed looks are trending, and the manipulations are as resourceful as a Jackson Pollock painting.

New Denim Brands Lure Cyber Consumers

New Denim Brands Lure Cyber Consumers

The denim upstarts making noticeable inroads on the jeans scene are often taking the direct-to-consumer path.