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WWDStyle issue 01/24/2011

Leading celebrities and designers offer up their ultimate underthings — from days-of-the-week undies to comfy-cozy pj’s.

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“Chloë Sevigny gave me some pretty sexy black leather lingerie, and I trust anything she says, especially when it comes to fashion. Girls know how to make their girlfriends feel sexy.” — Ginnifer Goodwin

“I love a good nightgown. I like to look pretty when I sleep.” — Nicole Richie

“Marc Jacobs has this great set of Fifties bloomers and a ruffly bra top that is so sexy because it’s both covered up and sheer. And it’s totally useless. I think the more useless lingerie is, the better it is.” — Abigail Spencer

“I love a good bustier. A black lace La Perla one.” — Sharon Osbourne

“The best lingerie gifts are a combination of sweet and slutty.” — Maggie Q

“I think the sexiest thing a girl can wear is a pair of tap pants with a tank top.” — Corey Lynn Calter

“Last year I got Stella McCartney days-of-the-week underwear from my sister [Emily Deschanel]. It’s the ultimate because it’s cute, pretty, whimsical and girly without being over the top. It’s sexy in an understated way.” — Zooey Deschanel

“My Agent Provocateur pink-and-black bra and panties suits my personality: sweet and spicy all at once….The worst gift ever was from an old boyfriend: cheesy, scratchy and uncomfortable all in one. I regifted it as a bachelorette joke.” — Paige Adams-Geller

“I love a good bra from La Perla. I’m a D cup, so I can’t wear flimsy lingerie. I need something with structure.” — Lisa Edelstein

“I buy all my own lingerie because I know my body better than anyone else. It has to be comfortable and practical. If not, it’s not coming home with me. I’m done with just pretty.” — Pippa Black

“I’ve been married for 20 years, so I buy for myself. I like comfortable, sexy and tomboyish because I like to feel youthful. I think the only one doing it right now is Cosabella.” — Lubov Azria

“Any of my La Perla pieces are my favorite. And comfortable pajamas make the best gift.” — Georgina Chapman

“The first piece my husband, Alfonso, ever bought me is my favorite gift — a vintage slip that I could also wear as a dress. I also love neon-bright lingerie, so if a strap peeps out, it’s like a little surprise.” — Tarina Tarantino

“I love Lonely Hearts. They have this strappy bra that’s so pretty.” — Samaire Armstrong

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