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Zalando Cancels Its First Bread & Butter

Zalando cancels first edition of Bread & Butter under the companies’ direction due to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Hispanic Buying Power Detailed in Cotton Inc. Study

Hispanics currently spend an additional $370 annually on apparel and services compared to non-Hispanic demographics, the study noted.

Looks by Leatherneck at the Dallas Market Center

Casual Looks Top Charts at Dallas Market

Sales representatives said they did well with distinctive tops, prints and embellished accessories.

Rick Helfenbein

Luen Thai’s U.S. Platform

The Hong Kong-based manufacturing and sourcing giant has used the U.S. as a launching pad for global expansion.

Willie Tan

Aiming High: Luen Thai’s Retail Strategy

The company has an aggressive branded plan in Asia.

Tan Siu Lin

Luen Thai Founder Talks Family-Run Business

Tan Siu Lin’s travels and experiences around the Pacific Rim ultimately led him to establish a wide-ranging global enterprise.

Brothers Sunny, Willie, Henry and Raymond Tan flank their farther, Siu Lin.

Luen Thai’s Diversification Strategy

Luen Thai's main strategy has been and will continue to be to diversify, in product categories as well as geography.

New shades from Pantone's Color System.

Pantone Adds 210 Shades to Color System

Oranges, blues and pinks saw additions to the color family.

Atlanta Prom Market Takes Glamorous Turn

Retailers tapped trends such as full pants and wide-leg trousers, along with A-line skirts, jumpsuits and pantsuits.