Las Vegas: Fast Stats and Fun Facts

A quick glance at some of the city's hotel and gaming statistics.

Some stats and fun facts.

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39.2 million: Tourists in the past  12 months.

Number of hotel rooms added to the city in the past year.

The average gaming budget.

16: Percent of visitors who are foreigners.

$6.1 billion:
Gaming revenue for the strip last year.

Number of conventions held in a single calendar year.

4.9 million:
Number of people attending those conventions.

• The number four is bad luck in China, therefore, the Wynn and Rio hotels have no floor levels with “four” in them.

• McCarran International is ranked the fifth busiest passenger-airport, with 44.3 million people each year since 2005.

• The Strip is technically outside of Las Vegas city limits; therefore, many people may have not actually visited the famous city yet.

• Elvis Presley performed in 837 consecutive sold-out shows.

• There are approximately 315 weddings each day in Las Vegas.

• There are almost 200,000 slot machines in Las Vegas.

• With 3,933 rooms, the Bellagio Hotel has more rooms than people living in the city of Bellagio, Italy.

• The Bellagio fountains sit in an 8-acre man-made lake.

• Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931.

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