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Think Palm Beach, Fla., for spring’s fashion trends.

Moda Manhattan and Fame had their shows Jan. 5 to 7 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and Pier 94 in New York. Whether the sportswear and contemporary markets at Moda or the junior collections at Fame, fabrications were clearly in line for the spring selling season. Lightweight cottons and cotton-Lycra combinations comprised most of the fabrics shown by exhibitors.

At Moda, Dressed2Kill was taking orders mostly for spring and immediates, products that can be delivered now. Mike Stevison, the owner of Dressed2Kill, which showcases the David Cline line, said bright colors were the highlight of the line. Aqua, lemon yellow and orange sherbet, as well as raspberry, were the Palm Beach color scheme solids favored for its lightweight, in some cases sheer, tops. Dazzling patterns with variations of those bright colors were found in many of the tops. Wholesale prices were between $49 and $69.

Stevison was also previewing a fall capsule collection for his other line, Pure Amici, which focuses on knit tops. The line, which wholesales for $68 to $178, features lightweight cashmere mostly in a camel palette that will be ready to ship on Aug. 7. There were also some linen sweater tops as well for immediate delivery.

Over at Mahi Gold, a resource for dresses and tops, Palm Beach was also the inspiration for its color trends, although the hues were more pastel-toned and often mixed with white in many of the sailing-inspired graphic patterns.

Michael Gorman, owner and designer at Mahi Gold, said, “The stripes are doing really well and have been super popular. We are a print-driven company. We brought out solids last year for some accounts. We tried it and found that our customers wanted more prints from us.”

The primary fabrication is a 95 percent cotton-5 percent Lycra blend, with wholesale price points between $45 and $85 on average.

According to Gorman, there was good traffic at the show, even though there were concerns that the snowstorm and subsequent cold freeze might keep buyers away. “We were scared because some airports were closed due to icy weather, but buyers are here and they are buying,” Gorman said.

Katherine Way, owner and designer at her namesake dress and tops resource line, was showing at Moda for the first time for spring and summer.

“Our dresses are made to accent the good parts of a woman’s body and cover up the imperfections. We are seeing orders more for darker navy, pink and multicolored patterns for March deliveries and the lighter colors for April deliveries,” she said.

The dresses, mostly a nylon-spandex fabrication, are manufactured in the U.S. and wholesale between $72 and $79. Tops are slightly less at $35 to $69.

At Flax, the 20-year-old firm has been working on an update of its image and offerings. At Moda, it had a booth as well as a runway-style exhibit to showcase its new flax and linen styles for spring and summer.


Mary Johansson, sales manager for Flax, said, “They always say they want color, but then they gravitate toward neutrals and the paler colors in the collection.”

While bottoms are the core staples in basic colors, the tops and dresses featured more detailing, such as shirring in the back, and were available in a broader range of colors. Overall the styles are updated to show more shaping in the silhouette. Wholesale prices start at $20 and go up into the $50s. Also available were some items in voile, a semisheer linen-cotton blend.

At Ravel, owner Joseph Simkhai said traffic was “healthy, with buyers leaving orders.” While the January show is often a slow market, he said buyers were looking for fill-ins for spring, summer and immediate deliveries.

The resource is focused mostly on tops and blouses in cotton and cotton-spandex blends. The sweaters are of man-made fabrications. The tops wholesale for between $25 and $59.

At Samuel Dong, chief executive officer Tedi Budiana said traffic was OK, but obviously not like what is typical of the May show, which seems to see a pickup in both traffic and orders.


His firm used to be focused on just jackets and coats, which wholesale at $59 for cotton-spandex and polyester georgette. It has expanded its dress component for spring, summer and immediate deliveries. Dresses wholesale for $59 and $69. There were some patterns shown, but most were in solid colors — the easier option when mixing and matching, Budiana said.

At Fame, there was less of the Palm Beach inspiration in terms of prints and bold color patterns, although lighter-weight cotton slubs and polyester were in vogue for the teen market.

At Ocean Drive, which also markets the Vintage Havana line, owner Joey Shiloach said, “Graphic T prints are still popular, especially those with Moroccan themes.”

While some of the favored brights by buyers were items in shades of coral and turquoise, Shiloach said the “sleeper item” for spring was a plaid shirt that had a contrasting plaid lining at the collar. He said he expects plaid will be a “hot trend for fall.”

Ocean Drive was also showing what it calls its own patented “cashmere fleece” for sweatshirts and pants wholesaling between $20 and $34.

At G’lam, sales representative Morgan Carnathan said, “Prints, paisley, polka dots and stripes were selling.”

The company, known for dresses, tops and bottoms, said fabric blends for spring in silk-cotton and cotton-polyester weaves in basic colors, such as creams and khakis, seemed to attract the attention of buyers. Most items were wholesaling between $25 and $55.

At Mono B, spring trends were a study in extremes ranging from long dresses to cropped tops and short shorts. Sales associate Alan Lee said tie dyes were the preferred pattern among buyers this year, as well as long skirts. Most of the teen items were wholesaling at between $10 and $18.

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