Oved Apparel Gets WeSC License

The license for the Swedish brand covers the line’s entire U.S. wholesale business.

Swedish brand WeSC has inked a deal with Oved Apparel for the licensing and distribution rights to cover the line’s entire U.S. wholesale business.

According to David Oved, a principal at Oved, the agreement is for 10 years.

The Swedish streetwear brand has roots in the skateboarding and snowboarding community. WeSC, which stands for WeArethe SuperlativeConspiracy, is currently sold in doors such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Karmaloop, Zumiez and PacificSunwear.

According to Oved, “I’ve been watching the WeSC brand mature for the last five or six years. It is a cool, relevant street brand in the market today. Many of the street brands are about tees and hats. WeSC carries a full line of men’s and women’s collections that include denim, fleece, hats and shoes. There’s huge potential for growth in the U.S.”

Oved said he plans to introduce some American fashion trends into the line, which is heavily influence by a European sensibility.

Richard Kestenbaum, a partner at investment banking firm Triangle Capital, which represented WeSC in its search for a U.S. partner, said the deal is a great one for WeSC because the “brand has not gotten the traction it should have in the U.S.  That’s because it needs an American hand to succeed in the market.”