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An Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Gauging Its Impact at Retail

The long-awaited, and much-dissected, Apple Watch is due to appear in April. to Buy Livingly Media

The deal includes lifestyle sites, and

Former Fortune Editor Andy Serwer Joins Yahoo

At Yahoo Finance, Serwer replaces former editor in chief Aaron Task, who held the top spot for seven years.

Topshop to Tweet Emerging Trends at London Fashion Week

The brand will take over six digital billboards in major U.K. cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham from Friday Feb. 20 through Monday Feb. 24.

The Blonde Salad at Harvard

A business school take on the blogger’s business.

An example of #HeelConcept — an emerging social media trend that riffs on the accessories market.

Heel Concept Pushes Shoes to New Heights

This male-driven social media trend is taking the heel concept one step further.

Brandon Holley Launching ‘Everywear’ Shopping Concept

She teamed up with Josh Helfgott to create the “B2B2C” product, a consumer facing app, a Web site and a B2B white label technology for retailers.

Mobile Matters

Brands Using Apps to Court Their Best Customers

Reaching shoppers on the go has become key for fashion.

Le Tote Raises $8M to Expand

The company has raised $8.8 million in Series A funding to expand its operations.