CLIQUE’S NEW BYRDIE: Clique Media is giving beauty a new perch online with Byrdie, a Web site launching today. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, cofounders and chief executive officers of Clique, said there was a need for an online beauty venue that wasn’t a traditional magazine’s Web site, blog or a video tutorial. “We didn’t see anything that came from a strong editorial point of view that really reported out, but still encompassed the fun trends that aren’t as editorially driven — like street style,” Kerr told WWD. “[There are] not a lot of great sites for beauty out there, and not a lot that cover celebrity beauty — which is our secret sauce, that seems like a big open space.”

Power added, “At a certain point, especially as more and more beauty brands started advertising, we felt that there was a need, a huge hole, just like we saw a huge hole for [fashion with] WhoWhatWear in 2006. There was nothing then — it was Perez Hilton.”

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Clique’s fashion-orientated WhoWhatWear and the recently added home site Domaine see a combined 23 million page views per month. Clique’s beauty director, Britt Aboutaleb, formerly of Elle and Fashionista, will oversee the publishing of three feature stories a day on Byrdie. There will also be internal blogs and posts from third-party blogs.

The site will launch with a feature starring Brit Marling highlighting summer beauty trends, as well as items about singer Ellie Goulding’s must-have products while on tour and Amanda Seyfried’s beauty routine. Chanel is the first official sponsor for Byrdie, their campaign launching the second week of August.