Macy’s to Launch mBlog

The microsite will offer fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle news and trends with an insider-y voice.

MACY’S OPINES: Macy’s on Thursday will launch mBlog, an online microsite at macys.com/mblog, offering fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle news and trends served up with an insider-y voice. Martine Reardon, executive vice president of marketing for Macy’s, said mBlog will “give readers direct access to a unique and influential set of voices.”

Fashionista.com and FoodRepublic.com will provide how-to videos, trend-spotting, user and expert reviews and original blog posts. Each day of the week is devoted to a different topic: women’s fashion on Monday, men’s on Tuesday, home on Wednesday, accessories on Thursday, and beauty on Friday.

Macy’s has enough celebrities in its stable to provide footage for mBlog, such as a “backstage” video of Steven Tyler, the new face of the Andy Hilfiger-designed Andrew Charles ad campaign. Embedded e-commerce allows readers to purchase featured merchandise directly from the blog.