Gucci aims for the G-spot.

Gucci aims for the G-spot.

WWD Staff

GUCCI COOCHIE: Tom Ford has done it again. Just months after an ad featuring a buck-naked Yves Saint Laurent look-alike was rejected by several men’s fashion magazines, the designer has done an ad for Gucci that features a female model whose pubic hair is shaped like a G. In front of her, a man kneels, his face heading for the G-spot. While the ad, which was shot by Mario Testino, was declined by W, spokeswomen at In Style and Vogue said the ad had not yet been pitched to them.

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Luckily, there’s always V. “They called me about the naked Saint Laurent MC7 ad,” said V’s advertising director Jorge Garcia. “I immediately said yes. I don’t think we’d have a problem with it [the new ad]. I’m sure it will be beautifully shot.”

A Gucci spokesman declined comment on the ad.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE MODELS (AND MEISEL) GONE?: Vogue’s January issue, hitting newsstands sometime in 10 days, features something of an anomaly. For the first time in 13 months, Steven Meisel has shot the cover, which features Sandra Bullock. So where oh where has Meisel been?

While sources at Condé Nast said the photographer remains an important component of the magazine, shooting many of its key fashion stories inside the well, they claimed his covers tended not to be as good for Vogue’s newsstand sales as those shot by Mario Testino or Herb Ritts. Additionally, Annie Leibovitz has increased her role at Vogue, shooting four of its last 12 covers. Models, which Meisel often shoots, also have taken second fiddle lately to a bevy of Hollywood actresses, who have appeared on 10 of the magazine’s last 12 covers.

Meisel, whose agent did not return a call for comment, is certainly not struggling for work. He recently shot campaigns for Prada, Versace, and Valentino, and regularly shoots covers for Italian Vogue.

But the string of Leibovitz covers has also meant Vogue looks a bit more like Vanity Fair, whose covers are also shot mainly by her, Testino and Ritts. In the spring, rumors were that Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter was less than pleased about Leibovitz shooting Joan Didion for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue and Vogue’s much-publicized shape issue. Carter’s spokeswoman denied he had any issue with it.

A Vogue spokesman said, “Steven Meisel’s first love is shooting fashion. And since he’s not always as interested in shooting celebrities in fashion, we wait until he has a celebrity he’s excited about working with.” Clearly, like Sandra Bullock.

As for Vanity Fair, he pointed out that Leibovitz, Ritts and Testino all have long-standing relationships with Vogue and Vanity Fair. “There is nothing new about them shooting covers for both magazines,” he said.