Bill Gaytten Takes Bow for John Galliano Men’s

Longtime collaborator described as creative leader of collection.

Pierre Denis, Bill Gaytten and Sidney Toledano

PARIS — Bill Gaytten, who has worked beside John Galliano for 23 years, seems poised to succeed the disgraced designer at the helm of the Paris-based fashion house.

He took a bow and waved at the end of the spring-summer show, an ode to Sixties London.

Speaking on the sidelines before the show, Sidney Toledano, president of Galliano and chief executive at Christian Dior, said Gaytten “has been leading the design team” at Galliano and conceived the spring-summer collection from conception to runway.

He also hinted Gaytten would soon inherit a new title at the fashion house.

Gaytten is also a member of the design studio at Dior.