ATLANTA — Luxury golf apparel brand Fairway & Greene has launched F&G Direct, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website at http://www.shopfandg.com.

The move represents the first time the product has been available outside of the green grass channel. Fairway & Greene has distributed its products exclusively through private and resort golf shops since 1955.

The site features a wide range of men’s and women’s styles, including knit shirts, woven shirts, sweaters, bottoms, outerwear and accessories, all of which are overstock or discontinued items. It also includes men’s and women’s sizing charts, as well as a fabric glossary detailing the company’s fabrics.

“A significant number of our end-user customers are not members of a golf club or don’t have steady access to our product,” said Todd Martin, president. “We wanted to give them a way to purchase our product while controlling the distribution ourselves.”