Lou Amendola, chief merchandising officer of Brooks Brothers, will be among the honorees at the Dignity U Wear’s inaugural Fall Gala on Thursday at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. Brooks Bros. is the sole sponsor of Dignity U Wear’s Suits for Soldiers program, which has donated $1 million in suits through the Wounded Warriors Project and other programs for veterans. In addition, Brooks will host an in-store promotion on Veteran’s Day weekend with proceeds going to the charity that delivers new apparel to Americans in need.

Also being honored at the event will be Ed Krell, chief executive officer of Destination Maternity, and Bill Clement, vice president of Intermodel CSX, the charity’s operations partner that transports the apparel to participants in 35 states.

“These three amazing individuals and their companies play an integral role in helping us bring dignity to the lives of children and families in need. Their generosity and foresight in how to harness the power of corporate giving to help as many people as possible is truly inspiring, and it’s what makes our mission possible,” said Dignity’s executive director Barbara Truncellito.