Marty Staff Forms Consultancy Firm

He is also one of several advisors to Sycamore Partners.

Marty Staff is a multitasker these days, working on multiple projects since launching his own consulting firm, Marty Staff Associates.

But while he’s now juggling the needs of several firms, he’s also thinking about his next “big” gig down the road. That could be where private equity firm Sycamore Partners comes into play.

Staff said he was introduced to Sycamore’s Stefan Kaluzny and Peter Morrow by a friend while networking. The two started the firm last year and had been colleagues at Golden Gate Capital, another private equity firm.

Staff is one of several informal advisors to Sycamore, but he’s hoping the association will lead to bigger and better things. He has been looking to create an investment fund, and is hoping to get “trained” by Sycamore on the basics of fund-raising and evaluating potential investors.

“These are really smart guys who are very aggressive and looking to make deals,” Staff said.

Sycamore inked a deal on May 31 to acquire women’s specialty chain The Talbots Inc. for $193.3 million in cash, with a total transactional value of $369 million, including debt.

“The plan is for me to find deals and bring them to Sycamore. If it turns out to be a deal for them, at the end of the day, [maybe] I can go in and run the company,” Staff said.


He remains a minority investor in JA Apparel Corp., currently owned by private equity firm J.W. Childs. Childs has been looking to sell the firm, but so far hasn’t had much luck in finding someone to meet its price tag. Childs acquired the Joseph Abboud trademark for $73 million in 2004, and had interested buyers in the $70 million range in 2011. No deal was struck as Childs wanted closer to $85 million, although that was a drop from its earlier price tag of $100 million-plus in 2006. Staff had served as chief executive officer before leaving the company last October 

For Marty Staff Associates, he’s currently working on the reintroduction of a Bert Pulitzer Survivalon jacket, a nautical inspired design using a water-resistant cotton made by a domestic supplier outside of Boston. The sailor-themed jacket will retail for $495, Staff said. He’s also working on fabric silhouettes for the Zaharoff brand, currently an exclusive at Nordstrom.