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An American Apparel store.


American Apparel Workers Form Activist Group

An immigrants rights group said it is working with American Apparel workers to protect the company's manufacturing jobs in the latest drama to unfold out of the Los Angeles-based firm.

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The interior of the Balenciaga store in Madrid.

Designer and Luxury

Alexander Wang Makes His Mark on Balenciaga

In separate interviews, Wang and Balenciaga chief executive officer Isabelle Guichot unfurled a host of development plans, citing men’s wear and knitwear among chief growth opportunities.


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Hugo Boss Denies IndustriALL Allegations

Hugo Boss on Friday denied IndustriAll Global Union’s charges that factory workers in an Izmir production facility are grossly underpaid, denied overtime wages and have no social benefits.

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Mambo’s fashion collection for men.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Saban Brands Purchases Mambo

Established in 1984 by Dare Jennings, the Australian fashion and lifestyle brand celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.