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Direct, Internet and Catalogue

Aimee Soft Joins O Alliance Network

Israeli firm helps match shoppers’ buying histories to brand offerings.

Black Tux Suits Up for New Warehouse

Black Tux is in the process of moving its inventory to a new facility.

Corporate accountability  
is becoming more and more significant in more regulated Western economies. Ironically, Chinese, state-owned enterprises may be going in the opposite direction.

Think Tank: Richard Liu on Why Authenticity Matters in China

Richard Liu, founder and ceo of, on e-commerce, the importance of authenticity and consumer confidence.

The O Alliance panel discussion.

Creating a Positive Customer Experience Online and Offline

Leveraging data is a critical part of creating a positive customer experience, but personalization is what will help differentiate a fashion apparel, beauty or accessories company in the market.

WWD Digital London Forum

Open Sky for Luxe E-commerce Players

Luxury firms could benefit from programmatic media use.

Roots Plants a Digital Seed

Communication and consistency across channels are key.’s Embrace of Digital Culture

Since the re-launch as a digital brand, 80 percent of the firm’s sales now come from its Web site.

Orchard Mile Brings Luxury in a Digital Mall

The company is in talks with top luxury houses and has reportedly recruited the services of former Saks Fifth Avenue employees.