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Direct, Internet and Catalogue

Onomie Beauty Launches Web Shop

Onomie is looking to be the Clinique of the online direct-to-consumer landscape.

Like to Know It Welcomes Retailers

RewardStyle’s Like to Know It is expanding its shopping service beyond influencers and bloggers to help major retailers turn engagement into sales.

Aimee Soft Joins O Alliance Network

Israeli firm helps match shoppers’ buying histories to brand offerings.

Black Tux Suits Up for New Warehouse

Black Tux is in the process of moving its inventory to a new facility.

Corporate accountability  
is becoming more and more significant in more regulated Western economies. Ironically, Chinese, state-owned enterprises may be going in the opposite direction.

Think Tank: Richard Liu on Why Authenticity Matters in China

Richard Liu, founder and ceo of, on e-commerce, the importance of authenticity and consumer confidence.

The O Alliance panel discussion.

Creating a Positive Customer Experience Online and Offline

Leveraging data is a critical part of creating a positive customer experience, but personalization is what will help differentiate a fashion apparel, beauty or accessories company in the market.

WWD Digital London Forum

Open Sky for Luxe E-commerce Players

Luxury firms could benefit from programmatic media use.

Roots Plants a Digital Seed

Communication and consistency across channels are key.