Dani Stahl has been named creative director of Keaton Row, effective immediately.

Keatonrow.com is a service that links stylists with consumers in need of sartorial help. Keatonrow.com doesn’t charge customers for styling services. Rather, clients pay only for the items they want to buy at prices identical to retail. Participating retailers such as Shopbop.com foot the styling bill, because stores can presumably sell more with the help of a stylist.

Stahl, who continues as style editor at large at Nylon, will be responsible for creating a point of view for the Keatonrow.com catalogue and Keatonrow.com’s brand and retail partners. She will also provide leadership to Keatonrow.com stylists. “Ultimately, this figure has to define the Keaton Row brand, which speaks to stylists and consumers,” said Cheryl Han and Elenor Mak, cofounders of Keatonrow.com. “Dani has the industry experience and fashion authority our stylists aspire to. Her message has always been that fashion is about confidence and having fun, which is central to how our service is delivered.

“Allowing women anywhere to connect with someone that can tap into their look and be able to shop it online for them is like having a personal Web editor,” said Stahl. “I also love the idea of working with all these individuals pursuing their careers as stylists in the digital platform, where everything is happening.”