Marketing and Consumer Behavior

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Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Taubman Centers Continues Rollout of StepsAway

The mall owner announced four more malls that will implement the technology by year-end.

Cosplayers Become Fabric Store Heroes

Costume play, or Cosplay, is bringing a new young customer back to the sewing machine and fabric stores.

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The Past and Future Can Define Retail’s Future

Executives from Hudson’s Bay, Lands’ End and Lululemon all point to innovation as key to future success.

Data Analysis Reveals Highly Segmented Consumer Groups

Target audiences are broad and diverse, according to an “audience landscape” analysis report by marketing firm Infocore Inc.

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Why Boomer-focused Brands Should Embrace Millennial Mind-set Consumers

We already know that Millennials are extremely digitally savvy and mobile-forward, but how does that affect the the consumer market?

Alibaba’s Taobao to Host Same-Sex Wedding

Alibaba is looking to connect with China’s LGBT shoppers. The company’s Taobao marketplace sponsored a contest, dubbed “We Do,” that encouraged same-sex couples to enter for a chance to get married at a group ceremony in West Hollywood on Tuesday. Charlie Gu, a director at China Luxury Advisors, which worked with Alibaba to help organize […]

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Traub Accelerator Says it Has a Full House

The accelerator has five companies in its portfolio and no room for any more.

The ABCs of consumer spending.

Consumer Spending: Where Does Her Money Go?

When it comes to how and where consumer dollars are spent, not all income levels are created equal.

Consumer Expenditures and Outlook Shifting

As real wages and personal expenditures bounce back after a long, hard winter one recent measure of sentiment contradicts prior reports by showing consumers are pretty upbeat about the economy.