MILAN — Milano woke up under a “Fashion Shower” on Thursday morning.


Anna Dello Russo, whose arrival was anticipated by her disco song, walked into the H&M store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele at 9 am to celebrate the launch of her accessories collection for the Swedish fast-fashion giant.


“I’m a bit astonished,” said the stylist, referring to the crowd queuing outside the store, while showing the polished packaging of the collection. “Once I came here at 5 am for the Lanvin [for H&M] collection. You know, fashion lovers must suffer, there is no choice.”


At the store, there wasn’t the same craziness provoked by other collaborations, in particular Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and Versace, but the mood was high.


Against expectations, most of the people admitted to being there not for Dello Russo, but for the collection itself.


“I’m fond of jewelry,” said student Alessia Manini, 23, who revealed she is not a connoisseur of the stylist.


But of course, among the crowd, there were also Dello Russo’s faithful fans.


“I’m here for that crazy one,” said 23-year-old fashion student Gianmaria Ganberini, pointing at Dello Russo. “I like that everything she does is exaggerated and I also appreciate the fact that even if she is not young anymore she doesn’t care and she enjoys playing with fashion.”


While an H&M spokeswoman said that the company is “satisfied with the launch, which got a great feedback from customers,” a visit to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele store in the afternoon found that merchandise was still available.