LONDON — A clutch of shops along Regent Street reopened as normal on Sunday after a burst water main forced their closure on Saturday afternoon.

Zara, Uniqlo, Mango, Burberry and Superdry were all open for business, said a spokesman for the New West End Co., which represents business in the area.

However, Regent Street is set to remain closed to traffic on Monday as work continues on the main, Thames Water said today. Thames Water trucks could be seen dotted along the side streets that lead to Regent Street, pumping out water on Sunday afternoon.

The pipe burst on Saturday afternoon, forcing 15 retail premises to close. Engineers are currently replacing the broken section of pipe at the junction of Vigo and Glasshouse Streets, off Regent Street.

“This was a major burst and has caused significant damage to the road. We are sorry for the disruption it caused,” said Clive Dickens, an engineer for Thames Water. “We are doing all we can to get the road open to traffic as soon as possible but it is likely that we will need to keep the road closed for the next 24 hours. The footpaths are clear and shops are open for business as usual.”