Angelo Galasso will open a flagship in Moscow on Oct. 25.

The two-level store on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street offers the company’s complete collection of tailored clothing and accessories.

The store, which overlooks Moscow’s fashion district, includes gold details in the wooden floor and marble window frames and a glass elevator connects the 1,829-square-foot first floor and the 2,368-square-foot second floor. There are antiques, custom-made furniture and books incorporated within the design.

“I don’t want to be global, and since each man is different, I decided to create different store concepts and different collections for each country,” Galasso said. “In addition, my customers are used to traveling a lot, so I think they could get bored if they found the same products everywhere. I usually design about 500 pieces made to satisfy different demands, then I make a selection for each store depending on the specific requests coming from each market.”

Galasso also operates stores in New York, London and Milan.