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Antony Karabus

Market Demands Omnichannel, But Online Sales Are Eating Up Profits

Online sales is eroding EBITDA by 25 percent.

Project Jacquard, Levis, Google

Smart Apparel and Body Sensors Gaining Ground

Wearable tech is moving beyond fitness trackers, smartwatches and smart glasses.

Consumers in Argentina spend 7.2 percent of total expenditures on apparel.

Analysis Shows Cultural Differences of Consumer Spending in Latin America

Consumers in South America vary in what they spend on apparel, food and housing.

While enjoying their role as parent, new moms also crave their pre-baby days.

Survey Reveals Costs and Habits of Mothers

The survey also included a snapshot of shopping trends for a one-year period that involved over 260,000 products.

Apparel spending showed a 12.6 percent gain in the reported period.

Consumer Spending on Apparel Increases While Health Care Soars

The periods analyzed were July 2013 to June 2014 and July 2014 to June 2015, and do not include the holiday shopping period.

A view outside the Macy's store in Herald Square.

Macy’s Among Top Gainers in Harris ‘Brand Equity’ Survey

Some of the “Brand of the Year” winners include Apple, Google, Fitbit, DSW, and TJ Maxx.

Mobile devices are are the fastest growing platform for online shopping.

U.K. Retailers Offer Best Mobile Shopping Experience in Europe

Accenture’s report was released at the The Millennial 20/20 Summit this month.

Consumers spend less during presidential elections.

Analysis Shows Consumer Spending Slowdown During Presidential Elections

Data marketing firm Epsilon compiled the analysis, which showed a clear decline in spending.

Shoppers crave authentic experiences, including shopping.

Think Tank: Why Authenticity Matters for Female Shoppers

Pau Sabria, founder and ceo of Olapic, discusses how authenticity is impacting the fashion apparel industry.