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Trends and Analysis


Brands Shunned by Millennials

Are college kids shrugging Uggs?

Indian Retail Rules Still Murky as Modi’s Government Wins Praise

Rules on FDI in multibrand retail remain inconsistent.

Department, Apparel Sales Show Some Spark in Week

Furniture and other home-related retailers continue to register best results in weekly tabulation of sales.

Sales Slump Reaches Three Weeks

Home-related retailers shine while apparel and electronics show weakness.

Retail Meccas

Retail Meccas

While facing challenges from Internet and mobile commerce, shopping center developers are looking for innovation and experiential retail as they head into the International Council of Shopping Centers annual conference next week. Additionally, pockets of retail — from the overall travel sector to neighborhoods in Paris and Los Angeles — are percolating with new activity […]

Retail Meccas

Retail Development Seeking New Heights

Retail development is headed to new heights — in both construction and rent — as retailers strive to innovate to keep shoppers coming in.

Travel Retail Primed to Double By 2025

Global air traffic is blooming, and yet, one area of commercial travel is lagging behind the industry’s burgeoning footfall: travel retail.

Southeast Asians Catching Up With Chinese in U.K. Spend

Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia were among the top 10 spenders.

Retail Sales Fall for Second Straight Week

Softness at apparel specialty stores noted in report.