Etro re-created an Eastern wonderland for pre-fall. The brand’s signature luxury nomadic spirit was given added charm via Far East iconography, echoed in the collection’s mix of graphics and patterns.

Tapestries, chinosoiries, textiles and wallpapers from the Eastern world at large inspired both the floral and graphic prints and the jacquard motifs. Kimono-like robe coats came in opulent brocades trimmed with mink fur, while asymmetric draped dresses were realized in lightweight textured silk.

The decorative attitude of the lineup, enhanced by the rich color palette, was balanced by sophisticated city staples injected with a subtle Seventies vibe. These included an orange peacoat worn with denim pants featuring a beaded side decor, as well as a pajama set in a joyful and colorful floral print matched with a printed sports bra, which introduced a touch of contemporary athleticism.

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