For pre-fall, Efisio Marras imagined a contemporary Scheherazade living her adventures in the Nevada desert rather than among the Arabian dunes. She becomes the heroine of a sort of video game or manga comic where colors are bold and everything is infused with a Pop touch.

Chiffon tunics and fluid pants were splashed with an all-over print infused with a Generation Y romanticism and a gold plissé velvet off-the-shoulder jumpsuit featured logo bands running down the sleeves and the legs.

Tailoring got an adventurous makeover with a playful skirt suit peppered by utilitarian details and a classic British tartan fabric was crafted for boyish shorts worn with a nylon parka.

The young and fun collection also included beautifully crafted knits, such as an oversized sweater showing a desert scene rendered in bright neon tones.

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