While thinking about Warm’s pre-fall collection, Winnie Beattie realized that, at that time of year — summer — thinking about what to wear is the last thing she wants to do. Therein was the thesis of the collection. “There’s no big inspiration,” Beattie said. “In June, July and August, I’m chilling out, relaxing, trying to find things I can wear then and carry into fall.” That meant lots of printed dresses in relaxed, comfortable proportions that are easily filed under the “bohemian” catchall, though Beattie and her partner Tracy Feith continue to elevate their fabrics, silhouettes and finishings above the average beach dress. For example, long silk jacquard dresses with kimono sleeves and fringed belts had the attitude and luxurious hand of a vintage Asian silk robe. “You can toss it on and your only decision is your accessories,” Beattie said. There were printed cotton voile dresses and tops cropped perfectly to pair with high-waisted pants. Within that silhouette was something that felt quite new and fresh for Warm: a button-down cotton shirt, cropped and tied for you, in a black and gold floral print that, when worn with high-waisted white pants, took on a summery vintage Versace flair.

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