Purity, elegance, strength and quintessential beauty.

A brand with a strong heritage and a very specific identity, Jil Sander over the last few years has struggled to find its own way to refresh its image for contemporary customers and consequentially return to the relevance of its heyday.

In a fashion scenario dominated by a new maximalism and by untamed street wave, discreet sophistication, rationalism and a less-is-more approach might be considered out of fashion. But, actually, will good taste ever go out of fashion?

No, according to Lucie and Luke Meier, who delivered another convincing collection for the Jil Sander brand. With their quiet, soft-spoken approach, they are actually succeeding in developing a new contemporary language, which speaks of Jil Sander but through codes in sync with the current times.

The designers showcased a realistic wardrobe, filled with urban, highly wearable options, yet peppered with a fascinating twist. Their constant research for an approach projected into the future yet anchored by a personal and sensitive attitude resulted in the delicacy of the mattress-inspired quilted fabrics, the tablecloth-like Vichy patterns and the stretch seersuckers developed in a sorbet palette of light blue and yellow.

The silhouettes spanned from more constructed designs, such as impeccable coats with hourglass lines, to sharp-cut shirtdresses in crisp cotton and draped tops and skirts wrapping around the body with a soft touch.

From the padded and quilted zippered coat worn with matching short pants to the slightly oversized suits in subdued checkered patterns, the collection was infused with a sense of immediacy and intimacy, which offered a reassuring message that was not standardized.

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